Self Assessment

Most people are unaware of their health risks.

8 out of 10 deaths under the age of 75 are preventable.

Assess your health

Health Risk Detection

Research has proven that people who become aware of their personal health risks start reducing their risks and improving their health almost immediately.

Self Management

MyHealthiLife is a programme that enables you to take steps to manage your personal health risk daily.


Imagine being able to connect with close family who were able to encourage you, give you advice and help keep you on track?

MyHealthiLife can also connect you to your partner, Doctor, specialist or even social network.


MyHealthiLife delivers all this, and gives you access to your own secure online health management application for you and your doctor to view anytime you need to, tracking progress from day to day, year to year, or visit to visit.

With support from close family & friends.


MyHealthiLife is an assessment & self management programme for doctors & their patients.

It enables doctors to prescribe health assessment and self management plans.

Risk Detection

A major issue preventing people taking responsibility for their health

Is the lack of personal health awareness due to most people underestimating their overall health risk level.

Self Management

MyHealthiLife uses proven self management methodology to help engage patients in the management of their own health.

These include:-

  • Identified Risk
  • Agreed Intervention
  • Agreed Goal
  • Review Dates


Research has identified a number of significant factors that motivate positive change:

Doctor or Nurse Family & Friends
Community Social Network

MyHealthiLife believes that, other than personal health awareness, support is powerful influence on behavior change.


MyHealthilife provides multiple opportunities to encourage patient engagement:

  1. Online Health Account
  2. Mobile devices
  3. Monitoring devices
  4. Interoperable with PMS
  5. Paper Personal Health Report